Rinsing Systems

The automatic rinse rotor has spring loaded grippers mounted radially which pick up bottles one by one from the infeed transfer rotor . The bottle is inverted against a lever on the rinse valve to start the rinsing operation . Thus we have NO BOTTLE - NO RINSE . Bottles are washed for upto three seconds each , before draining ( for removal of residual water ) and uprighting for transfer to the filling rotor . The rinsing medium is generally product water.
Filling Systems
The internationally accepted and approved VENT PIPE filling principle ensures accurate level filling without spillage . The filling accuracy is ± 5 ml . The fill tank level is regulated automatically by a PLC controlled electronic probe which reduces the machine speed in the vent of disrupted input product water supply . The machine speed is then restored to normal once the water supply is replenished.
Capping Systems
Torque adjustable , magnetic capping heads mounted on the capping rotor , complete the capping operation using the extremely dependent PICK & PLACE mechanism . Capping head descends to push up the cap in two stages and then descends onto the bottle neck to complete capping operation . The torque on each capping head can be adjustable to achieve optimum capping results without cap damage / leakage . A unique anti turn device prevents bottle rotation during capping for positive capping .
Shrinking Systems
Online combination shrink tunnel coupled to the outfeed slat conveyor can be offered optionally . Heat shrinkble cap sleeves / body labels have to be loaded manually onto the finished bottles discharging from the filling machine . The bottles pass through the online shrink tunnel , after which the finished bottles are picked up manually for cartooning